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Zeitgeist Secrets

The Zeitgeist Vienna is not your classic, conventional hotel. Our house is unique and does not remain in a finished state – it lives, grows, thrives, was (and is) planned by architects, artists and creative minds, furnished by skilled craftsmen and managed by ambitious professionals who are committed to this diversity and liveliness.

How a trout found its way into the hotel…

We were determined to meet the guests’ high expectations of a well-functioning reception desk in terms of design. Regardless of how the motive was found, the image decorating our reception desk is a coin-sized section of the skin of a young rainbow trout, which was carefully pulled out of the beautiful river Kamp by a fly fisherman and carefully put back in the water immediately after being photographed.

Zeitgeist Secret No. 2

The crosswalk in front of the hotel

Depending on the weather and temperature preferences, we offer both a small covered sidewalk café on the road side and a spacious guest garden in the courtyard. The path there leads across a very unusual pedestrian walkway: the “zebra crossing” in front of the hotel’s main entrance represents a barcode which, when scanned with your smartphone, results in the letter “Z”.

The quest of the Zeitgeist logo

In plain sight and yet inconspicuous. Time may pass, but the attentive guest always encounters one element at Zeitgeist Vienna – in glass surfaces, the bumper guard of the boccia course in the hotel’s inner courtyard or on the key card: the Pergola. It is the wooden construction that greets the guest upon entering the hotel on the ceiling, separates the bar from the reception and directs the step towards the guest garden in our courtyard. Our restaurant-café-bar Pergola owes its name to this structure, and the Hotel Zeitgeist its logo.

Zeitgeist Secret No. 3
Zeitgeist Secret No. 4

Where the Zeitgeist spends its time

Most people associate a tent with memories of their youth or holidays when they could not afford to stay in a hotel. Still, everyone is in agreement: ” Nonetheless, it was nice back then”. The tent connects memories with the reality of the situation. There are two main reasons why the tent was placed on top of the back office: 1st. as a concept, a tent and a hotel fit together perfectly. 2nd. the space was available. In the light of the evening, you can spot the outline of the Zeitgeist in the tent, which likes to sleep there.

An essay in the hotel room mirrors

ZEITGEIST – A word with origins in the era of the Enlightenment, which was extremely groundbreaking for the spiritual development of mankind. Whenever a name with a historical reference is used, one has to be conscious of its origin and meaning. Accordingly, we asked the writer Hanno Millesi to write a text about the terms Zeitgeist and Hotel. The conceptual framework for this essay was created by visual artist Martin Kitzler: In each of our 254 hotel rooms, a mirror hangs above the bed with six words from this essay.

Zeitgeist Secret No. 5
Zeitgeist Secret No. 6

From circle and stroke: The Zeitgeist font

Prefabricated typefaces that anyone can use seemed too anonymous for the most intimate areas of a hotel – the rooms as retreats for guests. Artist Martin Kitzler therefore designed a new typeface: his handwriting. Basic shapes such as circle and stroke are used to create all the elements needed for lettering in Zeitgeist Vienna. Handwriting gives the hotel an unmistakable character and a high recognition value. Furthermore, the exclusively designed handwriting serves as the basis for the signage and lettering system in the entire building.

A table in disguise

We have avoided (except for a few small rooms) the usual hotel standard with “the cupboard to the left and to the right into the bathroom with shower, washbasin and toilet arranged in a circle”. Our rooms are well thought out to meet the needs of our guests in the best possible way. For people who like to work in bed, we have developed a trestle that can be positioned at the same height as the desk and thus serves as an extended work surface or can be pushed up against the bed as an additional table.

Zeitgeist Secret No. 7
Zeitgeist Secret No. 8

When dark times turn into rosy times

A young mother is confronted with a cancer diagnosis and begins to paint during her oncological therapy. She sells these paintings and donates the proceeds to other affected families. After all, affected families need support! Flexible, adequate child care at home in the form of classic family assistance and psychological support for the children are necessary. Existing offers are associated with enormous costs and at the same time reduced income. This is where the association “Rosarote Zeiten” provides financial support. We like the idea and the pictures! These are exhibited in the Pergola restaurant

There is a light

When our guests enter their hotel room, they are greeted by the homely welcome light. This makes you feel welcome and makes it easier for you to find your way around. As additional light sources, we installed reading lights at the beds and dimmable lamps at the desk. In the bathroom itself, mirrors with light to the front were installed – important for putting on makeup or shaving.

Zeitgeist Secret No. 9
Zeitgeist Secret No. 10

The “Cabanossi” at the bar

When designing our restaurant-café-bar Pergola, one of our main concerns was to create a spacious bar area. On the one hand, there must be enough space for the staff to serve our guests, but on the other hand, the selfishly motivated needs of the planners also played a decisive role: to create enough space to hang out comfortably at the bar. The initial motif for the design of the bar is a greatly enlarged photo of a very popular snack in Austria – a Cabanossi, which fits conceptually well in a pub as a means of indulgence. In addition, a Cabanossi has a strongly structured surface due to the maturing process, which leads to the very attractive texture in the digital processing.

How our restaurant-café-bar Pergola got its name

Our restaurant-café bar PERGOLA gets its name from the object the architect for the reception and restaurant area – Horst Zauner – hung as a visual separation between reception and restaurant across the entrance area and out into the inner courtyard. The wooden object is based on a Pergola as it is often found in the outdoor areas of Mediterranean countries. This wooden sculpture is made of rough-sawn oak wood, just as rough and irregular as the surface of the wood, the hanging was planned and executed: unbridled, mobile, changeable. Wood “works” ceaselessly, as does our reception. Due to the loose fastening of the individual elements, the pergola can deform, which also makes it steady.

Zeitgeist Secret No. 11
Zeitgeist Secret No. 12

The Zeitgeist essay on the back wall of the reception

Do you remember the mirror texts in our hotel rooms? The textually designed back wall behind the reception, which every arriving and departing guest looks at, also refers to the text lines of Hanno Millesi’s essay on the concepts of Zeitgeist and hotel, but also in the formal division of the text – into identical rectangles – to those analogous times when people still had wooden boxes in which the room keys were kept with enormously large tags.

Sometimes you have to switch sides to see the big things.

The part of the building that now houses Zeitgeist Vienna was originally planned as an office building. An office building with the inconspicuous neutral simplicity of a functional building cannot be reconciled with the necessary positioning of a hotel. The external appearance of a hotel building has to meet different requirements than those of an office building facing inwards. Consequently, in the process of redesigning the building, the front was given a personal touch – within the bounds of technical and official feasibility. Since then, it has been adorned with a contemporary typeface, sloping into the surface, with the individual letters aligned with the window axes.

Zeitgeist Secret No. 13
Zeitgeist Secret No. 14

The garden of guests

The guest garden in our inner courtyard is something that is particularly important to us. In the midst of a metropolitan built-up area, we want to offer visitors an opportunity to relax, enjoy or even engage in physical or playful activities. After a sightseeing tour or a business meeting, comfortable garden furniture and deck chairs invite you to linger. Children can romp around without being threatened by traffic, and dogs are allowed. For the activity needs of some guests we provide sports equipment such as TRX, kettlebells, ropes and enough space for yoga. For those who want to spend their time playfully with mini golf, badminton or bocce, all well-equipped facilities and equipment are available – for free. Conventional bicycles and electric bikes can be rented from us for tours of Vienna.

Objects for eternity

In the design of the hotel, great emphasis was placed on individuality and originality. Why can not also be “utility objects” individually designed one-offs? The artist Bartholomew Kinner has created and produced unique constructions: Signs, flyer display, rolling display case with card holder, tent poles, …

Zeitgeist Secret No. 15
Zeitgeist Secrets 16

Little dog big

Many of our guests already know the good soul of the hotel: Our guest darling Mila would love to greet each visitor individually – every day, from early morning until late at night. To make this possible even when Mila is not in the hotel, we have installed an XXL version of her in our green courtyard on the stairs to our seminar & event center Mezzanin. This way, Mila always has the action – and any treats lying around – in view.

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