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Modern equipment

State-of-the-art technology in your seminar room

In addition to the feel-good atmosphere, Mezzanin Meetings & Events provides state-of-the-art technology: Smart tablets allow intuitive light control and temperature regulation in the room. Modern ClickShare systems enable easy transfers of your data to the XXL-4K/UHD displays – without the usual cable and connection problems. And free WIFI is available throughout the hotel and seminar center.

Premium tables and chairs from Wilkhahn
ClickShare wireless transmission system (instead of HDMI/VGA)
Individually controllable lighting technology
Cross ventilation with fresh air supply only (without mixed air)
Highspeed WIFI included
Breakout rooms can be booked individually
Flexible catering packages
Writable touchscreens in the seminar center

Touch displays (writable)

Present your content from your notebook or laptop on our 4K/UHD displays. These can also be converted into a digital whiteboard – and the notes can be conveniently saved on a USB stick.

Seminar room with garden

Seminar garden

Just switch off for a moment – our seminar garden is a perfect green oasis during the meeting.

Hybride events, online meetings

Hybrid events

With our high-quality camera and transmission technology, you can easily hold meetings and events online.

Vienna modern seminar room

Premium seminar equipment

Comfortable seating and XL-tables from Wilkhahn® offer maximum comfort during your meeting.

Modern seminar room Vienna

Green walls

Our green walls are not only visually eye-catching. They also ensure a significant improvement in acoustics and room climate.


Tablet navigation

Intuitive control of light, temperature and volume via tablet.

Vienna modern seminar room

4K/UHD displays

All monitors in our seminar rooms impress with their razor-sharp resolution.

Mezzanin Meetings & Events - Switchable room glazing

Switchable glass surfaces

at the touch of a button, you create more privacy in your event space.

Hybride events, online meetings

Light ceiling with bio-rhythm function

Cold, unnatural light was yesterday. At the touch of a button our modern luminous ceilings immerse your room in a pleasant light that can be adjusted to the current daylight.

Transfer wirelessly with ClickShare

ClickShare (instead of HDMI/VGA)

makes it easy to transfer your content to the displays with just one click – without the old cable and connection hassles.

Hotel and seminar center all in one. The Zeitgeist Vienna at the main station