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Garage regulations

Für das Objekt 1100 Wien, Sonnwendgasse 13-15

1. Geltungsbereich

1. scope of application
The garage regulations apply to all persons who are inside the garage or in the area of the entrances and exits.
2 Liability
The use of the garage is at your own risk. Neither the owners nor the operators assume any obligation to guard or keep the parked vehicle, nor any liability for any damage, destruction or loss of the vehicle. Furthermore, neither the owners nor the operators are liable for any damage (by whomsoever) or loss of equipment or the contents of the vehicle.
3. access
Staying in the garage area is allowed only for the time necessary for parking and collecting the parked vehicle; in particular, resting or sleeping in the garage area or in the parked vehicle is not allowed. To leave the garage and pick up the motor vehicle, the shortest route via the marked exits and entrances must be followed. Children are allowed in the garage only when accompanied by an adult. Waste is not to be left in the garage. Any soiling that exceeds that caused by normal use must be removed by the person causing it or will be removed at his expense.
4. behavior in the garage
– The entry of vehicles powered by liquid gas and vehicles whose total height exceeds 2.00 m or total width exceeds 2.30 m is not permitted;
– the parked vehicle must be properly secured and locked. The rolling away of the motor vehicle shall be prevented by applying the handbrake and engaging a gear;
– the traffic signs, light signals and ground markings shall be observed;
– driving in the garage at walking speed only; in the area of entrances and exits and of protective paths, special care and consideration for pedestrians must be taken;
– it is forbidden to stop and park in areas not marked as parking areas, especially in the lanes, pedestrian paths and accesses to the exits and emergency exits;
– further, overtaking, reversing (except for parking and unparking), crossing barrier lines, honking (except in case of imminent danger), using high beams and running the engine when the vehicle is stationary is prohibited in particular;
– when parking the motor vehicle, a lateral distance of at least 50+— cm must be kept from the adjacent vehicles; the doors must be opened with special care in order not to damage the adjacent vehicles;
– unless otherwise provided for in these garage regulations, the Road Traffic Act and the Motor Vehicles Act shall apply as amended from time to time.
– It is forbidden to drive on the garage as well as on the entrances and exits with spiked tires and/or snow chains.
5. it is forbidden with regard to safety …
– Smoking and use of open fire;
– refueling of the vehicle;
– the storage of fuel, flammable goods and combustibles inside and outside the motor vehicle (except for the storage of a tightly closed, explosion-proof reserve fuel tank with a maximum capacity of 5 liters in the motor vehicle);
– the entry with motor vehicles loaded with substances mentioned in the preceding paragraph;
– the entry and parking of vehicles with leaking tanks, carburetors, injection pumps or fuel lines; of vehicles that leak oil or of vehicles with other defects that endanger the garage or its operation;
– performing any work on the motor vehicle such as cleaning, repairing or charging the battery;
– draining gasoline, oil, water or other liquids;
– the parking of objects outside the motor vehicle:
– any loading activity (e.g., transferring from one motor vehicle to another), except the stowing of hand-held pastries;
– any noise generation;
– any manipulation of technical, structural or other equipment of the garage;
– parking a vehicle without a police license plate for a period of more than 2 months
6. behavior in a dangerous situation
In the event of imminent or actual danger to persons, parked vehicles or equipment of the garage operation, as well as in the event of imminent or actual operational disturbances, every garage user is obliged to notify the police, the fire department or, if necessary, the rescue service.
In case of fire, the available extinguishing aids are to be used. Persons who are not engaged in fire-fighting must leave the garage as quickly as possible via the marked escape routes. This also applies to other hazardous situations and in particular when the optical or acoustic alarm devices are activated.
The misuse of emergency equipment (fire extinguishers, alarm systems, first aid equipment, etc.) is strictly prohibited.
Each garage user gives his express consent that in case of imminent danger the vehicle will be removed at the expense and risk of the renter and under exclusion of liability for any damage arising in this connection.
Wien, im September 2021