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Have you met Stefanie?

Stefanie has been our marketing manager since the end of 2020. Armed with a bottomless barrel of ideas, zeal and creativity, she brings new approaches and innovations into the house. By the way, the funny signs you see everywhere are Steffi's signature and make everyone giggle on a regular basis.

My “guilty pleasure”

American trash series on Netflix & Co. When mega successful and almost disfigured people get into each other’s hair at high-class garden parties in Beverly Hills, it has a certain entertainment factor 😉

My favorite place to spend a warm summer evening

My favorite place in summer is the most exclusive one in Vienna 😉
Namely, sitting on the balcony, with a glass of Prosecco in my hand, my dog discreetly snoring next to me.

Secret tip, which you won´t find in any travel guide

I don’t know if the “Stadtwanderwege” / Vienna city walking trails have found their way into various travel guides by now, but this would definitely be my tip for all those who are perhaps not in Vienna for the first time and want to enjoy a bit of nature in the big city. There are a total of eleven Vienna city hiking trails, which take you into forests and Heurigen neighborhoods in stages of varying lengths around Vienna. On some, a sensational view of the city awaits you, on others, typical Viennese Buschenschank. With a bit of luck, both cases will meet. If that happens (as with City Trail 1): Be sure to have a glass of Wiener Gemischter Satz at the winery Mayer or Wieninger on the Nussberg and enjoy the great view of the city.

There I find Vienna the most beautiful

The city center with its small alleys and the glamorous buildings around the Ring tell a lot about the history of Vienna. If your feet are already sore from exploring the city, it’s worth taking the tram line 2 for part of the way – that way you can let the many magnificent buildings and cafés, museums and parks pass by in comfort.

This is where I find Vienna coolest

The “typical” bobo districts, such as the 6th and 7th district, offer many smaller stores, manufactories, designers and agencies away from the big shopping streets Mariahilfer Straße and Neubaugasse and show that Vienna definitely has a lot of creative minds to offer.

My favorite bar

So THE one favorite bar doesn’t exist for me. But I like Irish Pubs. A special jewel of this kind is the Bockshorn in Naglergasse in the 1st district near the Graben. I think it is the smallest, but definitely the oldest Irish pub in Vienna – and because of its hidden location it attracts only die-hard fans! 😉

This is where I go for the first date

Where there are great beef steaks, like the Beef & Glory in the beautiful 8th district, which offers perfectly matured cuts of Angus, Wagyu or dry-aged beef. A few alleys away is Flatsches Steakhouse in the 7th district with a more down-to-earth atmosphere, but equally sensational products and service.

Here you eat the best schnitzel

I heard that’s in the Zeitgeist 😉

Why Vienna is unique

I think the mixture of tradition and modernity makes Vienna so special. And of course the Viennese “Grant” 😉

Zeitgeist employee Stefanie drawing

Stefanie S.

Marketing Manager

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