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Zeitgeist Mitarbeiterin Nici

Head of accounting, Nicole

With so many employees, it's not always easy to keep perfect accounts - but Nici manages with a combination of a stern hand, a forgiving disposition and nerves of steel.

My guilty pleasure

I am a little Sherlock 😛
I analyze a case in great detail and am always looking for the solution to the mystery – until the case is completely solved, no one is safe from me 😛

My favorite place to spend a warm summer evening

During the week, I love to spontaneously spend a warm summer evening with my colleagues in our beautiful guest garden after work.

Zeitgeist employee Nicole laughing
There I find Vienna the most beautiful

As a nature-loving person of course in the middle of the green and in addition there are soooo many places where you can catch a view over Vienna!

There I find Vienna the coolest

The city center offers a lot of possibilities to experience a varied day/evening – just as you like it 😉

My favorite bar

Well, you would certainly like to know that now 😛

Here I go for the first date

Since I always like to try out new locations, I always like to be surprised and inspired by my counterpart 😉

Here you eat the best schnitzel

Definitely at home – Dad simply makes the very best Schnitzel – to this day so unbeatable that I wouldn’t even order one out.

Why Vienna is unique

Vienna is simply different 😉
Very multifaceted, not only scenically there’s from the mountain to the lake everything your heart desires, but also the many nationalities create a very unique flair and atmosphere! In addition, you can really always experience something here – from partying to recharging your batteries and just unwinding – here is definitely something for everyone!

Zeitgeist employee Nicole Drawing

Nicole S.


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