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Zeitgeist Mitarbeiter Martin

Yeah, here comes Martin

Thanks to his vast experience in the hospitality industry, Martin can tackle any situation and tell some incredible stories. As an SK Rapid Wien fan, he is allergic to the colour purple, so of course he is only provided with purple office equipment.

Martin Schaffer drawing

Martin S.

Director of Revenue & Front Office

Years at Hotel Zeitgeist
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My “guilty pleasure”

Love for football and the best club of this city.

My favorite place to spend a warm summer evening

My favorite place to spend a warm summer evening is with friends in the “Schweizerhaus” with a cold beer and a delicious “Stelze” (pork knuckle).

Zeitgeist employee Martin 2
There I find Vienna the most beautiful

In my opinion, the most beautiful part of Vienna is the entire 1st district with its historic buildings, parks, but also the many restaurants, bars and clubs.

Here I find Vienna the coolest

The “party hotspot” Schwedenplatz, as well as the many beautiful places for swimming and boating along the Danube.

My favorite bar

A relatively small wine bar that has a floor lined with peanut shells and hundreds of national and international wines -> the “Weinorgel”, near Schwedenplatz.

The classy bar with probably the most beautiful view in Vienna right next to St. Stephen’s Cathedral -> the “Onyxbar”.

Or one of Vienna’s rooftop bars:
The “Lamée Rooftopbar” with a view of the city center.

The “57 Lounge”, a little outside the city center, but 220 meters above the city with a far-reaching view of all of Vienna.

Or the Aurora Rooftop Bar, just around the corner from Zeitgeist Vienna.

Here you eat the best schnitzel

Ask 100 people, get 100 different answers. I have VERY RARELY eaten a “not good” Schnitzel in Vienna

Why Vienna is unique

– Vienna combines tradition with modernity
– We have the most beautiful and best preserved old town / city center
– Our “Heurigen”. Vienna is the only big city in the world with vineyards on a large scale
– Our coffee house culture
– The city’s slogan is “Vienna is different” and that’s a good thing!
– It is the charm of the city coupled with the mentality of its inhabitants
– Vienna is simply the best city in the world!