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Zeitgeist Mitarbeiterin Lidiane

We introduce: Our Lidiane

A radiant smile and a helpful cheerful nature: that is our Lidiane. To be found behind the bar or serving at the breakfast buffet, Lidiane is an indispensable Zeitgeist member.

Zeitgeist employee Lidiane Drawing

Lidiane F.

Chef de Rang

Years at Hotel Zeitgeist
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Ready to help
My job in the zeitgeist in one sentence

As a member of the service team, I am responsible for the well-being of our guests at the breakfast buffet and in the local café-bar Pergola.

Zeitgeist Mitarbeiter Florian
My personal favorite place in Vienna

My absolute favorite place is the Belvedere Palace and the associated palace garden. A walk in this beautiful garden calms me down every time, no matter if it is summer or winter.

This is why Vienna is unique for me

Because the city and the countryside are connected.

My hidden talent

I can organize very well.