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Zeitgeist Mitarbeiter Daniela

Danijela, housekeeping pro

Danijela loves her work and her colleagues - but if need be, she can also kick your butt to get you going. It's impossible not to be infected by her laughter.

My favorite place to spend a warm summer evening

Schönbrunn Palace

Secret tip, which is not in the guidebook

Hard to say – it’s best to just try everything!

There I find Vienna the most beautiful

Danube Canal, Stephansplatz, Belvedere Palace

There I find Vienna coolest

Prater, Volksgarten, Ringstraße, Schönbrunn

My favorite bar


This is where I go on a first date


Here you eat the best schnitzel

At the restaurant “Am Nordpol”

Why Vienna is unique

When I first came to Vienna, I thought I would get lost. I didn’t know what was wrong and what was right. It was a big challenge for me because I come from a smaller background. First I lived in Siegendorf in Burgenland, and then 8 years later I lived in Vienna. I was amazed by the Viennese lights, the streets, the big buildings, beautiful historical sites, the big castles and parks. I just fell in love with this city.
Everyone who comes to Vienna will love the city at first sight 🙂

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Housekeeping Supervisor

Years at Hotel Zeitgeist
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