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Have you met Claudia?

If one of us doesn't know something, we ask Claudia. She has been our rock since 2016 - because she is lovely, and always knows what to do.

My guilty pleasure

I love tidiness a little too much. My inner “monk” is something I can’t always hide. If something is not symmetrical or does not follow a certain pattern, it distracts me from what is actually happening.

My favorite place to spend a warm summer evening

Riding into the sunset on the old Danube in a pedal boat with a blanket and a picnic basket – when the sun reflects on the surface of the water, it’s a great place to forget about time. Alternatively, you can end the evening with dinner in the boathouse.

Insider tip you won’t find in any travel guide

To enjoy the traditional Viennese coffee house culture away from the tourist crowds, the “Kleines Café” at Franziskanerplatz is just the right place. Here, time has stood still. The inconspicuous coffee house scores with its “authenticity” – tiny, quaint, old, smoky – which is exactly what makes it so special. Not a place staged especially for tourists.

There I find Vienna the most beautiful

Phew, there are so many great places in Vienna! I am an absolute fan of Vienna’s city center. Each place exudes its own charm. Karlsplatz, however, is one of my absolute favorite places during the Christmas season. The lighting, decorations and design of the Christmas market, the music, smell of cinnamon and oranges in the nose. Wrapped up warm, watching the crowds in the cold winter air with mulled wine in hand – this is where Vienna is simply magical.

This is where I find Vienna coolest

The Vienna Prater is unlike any other amusement park. You have to have been there once to understand it. No matter what you are in the mood for: The Prater offers it. The adrenaline rush of the rides, the culinary delights of one of the countless restaurants, balancing your workday in the sports facilities or switching off from everyday life and simply relaxing by the Konstantinteich.

My favorite bar

Lounge 57! For me, that’s the perfect blend of elegant chic and coziness. The seating lounges offer a certain privacy and make you feel almost at home. Add to that the brilliant view of Vienna from the 57th floor, which is especially breathtaking at night. Delicious snacks and cocktails on top and the evening is perfect.

This is where I go on a first date

To get to know each other better, a nice afternoon at the Haus des Meeres is a good idea. Afterwards (depending on the course of the date 😉 ) it’s off to the 350° Ocean Bar for a drink.

Here you eat the best schnitzel

At Meissl & Schadn, it’ s the right values that count, making everyone happy. There, you get a traditional Wiener Schnitzel served fresh from the pan with a touch of innovation.

Why Vienna is unique

The city is simply a thing in itself and has countless great events for everyone. Whether it’s the Festival of Lights on the Danube, the Donaukanaltreiben, Street Food Festival, Theater im Park, Donauinselfest, open-air concert, Naschmarkt, Heurige – Vienna is not “just” classical music and coffeehouse culture. Vienna has charm, Vienna has flair, Vienna has culture, Vienna is quality of life.

Claudia S.

Front Office Supervisor

Years at Hotel Zeitgeist
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