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Young cabaret show launches in Favoriten

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“Co&Co – Comedy & Cocktail” at Hotel Zeitgeist

As a new star in the smiling sky above Vienna, the series “Co&Co – Comedy & Cocktail” shines for the first time on Monday, October 4, 2021, in the Sonnwendviertel. At the premiere in the mezzanine of Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna, the young stars of the Austrian cabaret scene Lisa Schmid (current program: “Ehrengrab”), BE-Quadrat (“Ansichtssache”) and Gerhard Gradinger (“(K)ein Kabarett”) served up a best-of of their freshly baked “Wuchteln”. Included in the price: a delicious welcome drink to get you in the mood.

Young talents of the Austrian cabaret scene debute at Zeitgeist Vienna

Lisa Schmid – Solo program “Grave of Honor”

In deep mourning, the Viennese Lisa Schmid commits her first solo program and scratches at the coffin lid of the taboo subject of death. In a bizarrely funny way she tries to escape the inescapable: A grave of honor is needed! In her visions, she madly chases the grave of honor and the “beautiful body” and meets bizarre characters who make even the Grim Reaper’s face turn pale.

BE-Quadrat – “A Matter of Opinion”

“Is the glass half full or half empty?” “Depending on whom you ask…”
“Some say so – others say so.” “After all, my right is your left.”
“Unless I’m upside down.” “Then your up is my down.”

After the successes of the first two programs and victories in cabaret competitions, the multi-talented professional singers start a new era and question everything! Even what’s behind it. Or next to it. Depending on whether one is standing or lying down. But the audience may sit and experience the most awesome music with the best voices and the most spectacular piano acrobatics in the most unique way with a talent, which will not have existed otherwise in music cabaret.

BErnhard and BEttina are BE-square.
BE-square are the BEsten!
Depending on who you ask….

Gerhard Gradinger – A cabaret – or not?

STOP! Please move on!
There is nothing to see here!
This is not a cabaret, I repeat, this is not a cabaret! This is reality.
The news you see is not a late night comedy show.
The people who ride the subway with you every day are not a bug in the matrix.
The people who sit next to you in the office are not actors on hidden camera.
All real and (K)a cabaret.