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Victoria, Ms sunshine at the front desk

She is our rising star at the front desk: Stella. A friendly smile and a good mood are on her daily schedule.

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Front Office Agent

Years at Hotel Zeitgeist
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My job in Zeitgeist in one sentence


I am one of the first contacts for our guests and help them with all their wishes, etc.

My personal favorite place

A favorite Viennese place is the Gloriette in Schönbrunn.

Zeitgeist Employee Vicky
If I were a professional athlete, this music would be playing when I stepped onto the field


I would definitely have ‘Ready for it’ by Taylor Swift playing


That’s why Vienna is unique

Vienna is a very clean city and much greener than most other cities I know


My secret vice


I love really good food. That’s no secret, though.

My secret vice in Vienna

To relax, it’s best to go to Kahlenberg or walk downtown past St. Stephen’s Cathedral to Eisgreissler. There you can get the best ice cream in town


If I could live in a Disney movie, that would be…

Arielle the Mermaid