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Zeitgeist Mitarbeiter Jana M

Have you met the other Jana?

My “guilty pleasure

I am a real “Trekkie”, so I love the series “Star Trek”. It is the perfect mix between philosophy and science fiction. Dressed up as a science officer I even went to the Viennese ComicCon once 😉

My favorite place to spend a warm summer evening

Definitely the Danube Canal. It has become part of Viennese culture – sitting in one of the bars or on the warm summer asphalt with a can of beer, you marvel at the graffiti and feel on the same wavelength as the hundreds who are also there. As far as a river arm set in concrete can develop magic, the Danube Canal has done it – Vienna’s residents have created a social hub without the pressure to consume from what was once an unsightly stretch of water.

Insider tip you won’t find in any travel guide

Sometimes, to get to know a city, you just have to get out and about. Take the 13A (my favourite bus) and hop off where things look lovely. You don’t always have to follow the guidebook. Can I guarantee that the experience will be pleasant? No. But the chance for the unexpected is there – and that’s half the fun of travelling, isn’t it? Drinking a spritzer in the garden of a little pub you would never have thought of otherwise, browsing through a vintage shop – that’s where you find the “real” Vienna.

Zeitgeist employee Jana Kurzhaar
There I find Vienna the most beautiful

Everywhere where peaceful coexistence works. At Reumannplatz in front of the ice cream store “Tichy”, where you find a melting pot of religions, ideologies, nationalities and age groups united. And they are all in agreement in their shared taste for delicious ice cream.

Apart from that – in the small alleys at Spittelberg. In and in front of the opera. In the golden hall of the Musikverein. At the Gloriette in Schönbrunn. In the botanical garden at the Belvedere. Along the Ringstrasse looking at the magnificent buildings. In the Oberlaa Kurpark. In the Stadtpark. In a café where the waiters treat you with indifference. In the Prater, where you feel both melancholy and psyched at the same time. In the old Jewish part of the Central Cemetery, where you can see deer between the overgrown stones. In the vineyards at the Heuriger.

But honestly? It would be easier for me to say where I don’t find Vienna most beautiful. At Matzleinsdorferplatz, for example, that’s where Vienna is really “schirch”, as we say it.

There I find Vienna coolest

In Zollergasse in the 7th district (because that’s where almost all my favourite bars are), to party in Spittelau at the “Grelle Forelle” and at “Zwe” when I’m in the mood for something jazzy. Mind you, I don’t normally listen to a lot of jazz – but at Zwe, you’ve got the atmosphere that will get you into it for the evening.

My favorite bar

Probably Café Europa. I have many good memories there. My father went there when he was in his 20s. According to his stories, it looked the same back then. You believe that when you sit inside.
And after that, there’s the Café Einhorn, which is so different from what the name suggests. It’s pretty run-down, tiny, but that’s what makes it special.

This is where I go on a first date

In summer to the Danube Canal, there’s hardly anywhere better to get to know someone than sitting on the stone floor. In winter, to Café Europa. But I also once had a great first date on a city tour, you learn something about the city and at the same time see if his counterpart is similarly inquisitive!

If it is “ausg’steckt” (an Austrian term that a Heurigen is open), I would recommend a short walk to the Buschenschank of the winery Wailand on Nussberg. The view is beautiful, on a warm day you do not want to leave after 1, 2 or 10 glasses of wine 🙂

Here you eat the best schnitzel

Oh, definitely at my mother’s. But in second place is the quaint, slightly run-down Café Amacord near the Naschmarkt. The lunch menu with soup, schnitzel and dessert is hearty, but soooo good. And then of course at Meissl & Schadn, everything is always delicious there and you can’t go wrong at all.

Why Vienna is unique

Vienna has so many facets. I grew up in Munich and Munich is beautiful, but I’ve always found it to be quite monotonous and straightforward.
In Vienna, it feels like there are hundreds of little villages within the city – and no matter what you’re in the mood for, you can find the right village.

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Jana M.

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