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Zeitgeist Mitarbeiter Pavel

Pavel, haven of peace in the daily seminar routine

The rock of branding in our mezzanine meeting & event center. If there is a name for helpfulness & composure then it is definitely Pavel.

Pavel M.

Pavel M.


Years at Hotel Zeitgeist
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If I had superpowers, I would

…let the good in all people come out.

My personal favorite place

My absolute favorite place is definitely at home with my family.

Zeitgeist Mitarbeiter Pavel
If I were a professional athlete, this music would be playing when I stepped on the field

There would definitely be ‘Highway to Hell’ by AC/DC playing in the background.

That is why Vienna is unique

Vienna is unique because it is historically significant and combines many cultures under one roof.

My hidden talent

I think my hidden talent is infinite helpfulness.

My insider tip for Vienna

Unfortunately I can’t reveal my secret tip, otherwise it wouldn’t be secret anymore 😉 Ok, because it’s you: it’s Setagaya Park in the 19th district.

If I could live one Disney movie, it would be….