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Herby Dunkel, Lilly Kern & Siggi Fassl

5. December 2021, 11:00

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Herby Dunkel, Lilly Kern & Siggi Fassl

Herby Dunkel – an outstanding guitarist and versatile talent, a border crosser of the different blues forms and a declared lover of good music. Lilli Kern – with her velvety voice, she lends her soul to everything she sings. Be it jazz, a ballad or blues – she touches, she captivates and carries away. And Siggi Fassl, also a well-known name in the local blues scene. Together they form a trio that feels at home in all areas of Americana, that masters the different styles of playing and wins over the audience with their charming demeanour and lots of soul, making people forget the time.

Siggi Fassl Live

Start: 5. December 2021, 11:00

End: 5. December 2021, 16:00

Price: € 69,-

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