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Lecture: A journey through Morocco

13. November 2021, 18:00

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Lecture: A journey through Morocco

A Thousand and One Nights, Conflicts and Hypocrisies. Viennese photographer Harald Schaffer traveled across Morocco for more than half a year. In his lively lecture, he shares the beauty of the country in the Maghreb and the endearing idiosyncrasies of the Moroccans. But it is also about the difficulties of a woman in the Moroccan male society, about the encounter with refugees in their hiding place outside the Spanish enclave of Melilla and about a meeting with an independence activist in the Western Sahara. The result is an interplay of beautiful images and reportage, of landscapes and encounters with people. A lecture that bites and stings, but also enchants. Registration required by phone 01 90265 or 


Start: 13. November 2021, 18:00

End: 13. November 2021, 00:00

Ticket: € 12,-

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