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Comedy Cocktail with Harald Pomper, Benjamin Turecek, Bernhard Viktorin

1. November 2021, 19:00

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Comedy Cocktail with Harald Pomper, Benjamin Turecek, Bernhard Viktorin

When local cabaret artists present their entertaining program at Zeitgeist Vienna, a refreshing mix of punchlines, stories and medleys is served up – with a big dash of humor…. a real comedy cocktail.

Benjamin Turecek – Of lions and wolves

Contrary to common assertions, dogs and cats can certainly be friends. So why are so few people able to do this? A very serious question, which unfortunately is not answered, because the program is called “Of lions and wolves” and not “How stupid are people?”
The focus this time is the animal world, because when a dog named Lena and a cat named Franz Josef move into the house of a cabaret artist, then it soon goes around. How do you reconcile both animals, a life as an artist and the general political situation? A program full of wit and bite about cats, dogs and politicians – yes I wanted to give even unpopular critters a chance!

Harald Pomper – One is allowed to say that!

Mr. P. has made it: A massive house (the loans are paid off on time), a polished SUV, a lawn that is always mowed correctly & a pool that will soon adorn the garden. Things are also going according to plan at Mrs. B.’s. Louis Vuitton blouses hang in her designer wardrobe, thanks to therapy she has sex – as recommended – an average of 2.35 times a week (now and then she even likes it) and her career ladder is pointing steeply upwards. But why the hell does such a strange feeling creep up on them at night? Is it maybe because of…?! And SHOULD one even think that? With wicked humor & powerful songs Harald Pomper takes the growth world and the self-optimization mania on the shovel. Humoristically he illuminates the question of why we always want everything and yet are never satisfied.

Bernhard Viktorin – Finally … alone

After more than 12 years, Bernhard Viktorin no longer has to share the stage with anyone. Are the smallest always the loudest? Can believers become knowers? What would the world look like if compulsory vaccination were enshrined in the Koran? And with which hand do children of green voters show up in class? Most of these questions will remain unanswered. And he will equally fail to meet all other expectations. He will exceed them.

Americana Concerts - Live Sunday Brunch

Start: 1. November 2021, 19:00

End: 1. November 2021, 22:00

Ticket: € 17,-

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